Alumni interview

Ulanbek Akmatbaev

Name: Dr. Ulanbek Akmatbaev
Nationality: Kyrgyz Republic
Country of work: Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Mongolia)
Institution: Mortimer Blake International Law Firm
Position - Partner
course taken at Training for International Diplomats: 9. Ausbildungslehrgang fuer junge Diplomaten aus MOE Staaten.

Can you tell us a bit about your career path and your motivation to follow this profession?

I had accepted my first diplomatic appointment after graduation from the Law school of the Kyrgyz State University and short-term service at the General Attorney’s office.  Looking back today at my 18 years of  professional record in
different areas and industries I come to admit that Education for International Diplomats from the German Federal Foreign Office has indeed left very deep footprint and strongly impacted my whole life. Not only had I for the first time experienced the genuine multi-cultural environment, acquired some personal insights after collapse of the iron wall between East and West as well as a new look at German history, but also a deep dive into the sea of European diplomacy throughout the four wonderful months of the absolutely new learning experiences. My Bonn/Berlin diplomatic course led me to serve as a Kyrgyz diplomat in Germany as well as to represent Kyrgyzstan in Scandinavia and Vatican.

That was also when I have absolutely truly grown fond of Germany and so decided to spend some  time studying Kyrgyz – German relations and history from academic point of view. My studies have led,  inter alia, to PhD as well as post PhD title and resulted in several books on this topic.

Soon after my resignation from the  embassy my career switched to economic people’s diplomacy as I joined the largest European investment project in my home country,  starting as a corporate and legal affairs manager and ending
up in the position of the company’s chief executive officer. Most recently I have become a partner in an international law firm, in which capacity I but still follow my “Treptower” takeaways one of which sounds - Do everything to make our little planet more friendly, peaceful and comfortable.


How much did you plan your current tasks to be as they are today and how much did you leave to chance?

Let me refer to Mr. Thomas Edison who once sad “We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.”  Throughout my career I have been involved in doing legal work, starting years agowith consular and bilateral treaties issues whereas today my main focus is more in area of investment and business law.  It is easy to admit that my knowledge had helped me to have attractive job and continue to support cooperation development between Kyrgyzstan and Germany.


Tell us about a pleasant work memory you have.  

Among many other things I did during my previous career one thing makes me very proud and this is about making our world more friendly and comfortable. I served to strengthening peace and economic cooperation between my country, Germany and other nations, aimed to better understanding of history and reasons for friendships and cooperation, advertised advantages on this module. I also must admit that it has always delivered mea lot of fun while I never found it difficult or burdensome due to the simple fact that all we need is just common understanding  that should serve as a platform for building.


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