As an information platform and a point of contact our internet portal offers an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas by providing access to programmes, forums and newsletters. Alumni who have participated in Training for International Diplomats programmes can, in an exclusive password-protected area, contact other previous participants.

We offer distance seminars over the internet, so called “Webinare”. This involves group members being invited by the alumni network to log on at a particular time and watch a lecture or presentation; users can then give feedback, including questions and comments, via a chat function. German lessons can also be offered in this format.  

The Alumniportal Germany offers a multitude of opportunities to create networks and exchange information among alumni, businesses, universities and organisations. The Portal is designed for Germany’s alumni, that is to say people from all over the world who have taken part in training and further training, have studied, conducted research or worked in Germany.  

Contact: Laura Biedermann,