Regional Network Meetings

For several years there have been multi-day alumni meetings with a regional focus in Germany as well as programme-specific meetings abroad. In 2010 we welcomed over 60 alumni from the Western Balkans to Berlin. In 2011, as a response to the watershed events in the region, we invited some 40 alumni from the Arab world to Berlin. To mark the 20th anniversary of Training for International Diplomats in 2012, we organised a major event for our alumni from Central and Eastern Europe. This was the first of the Training for International Diplomats programmes run by the Federal Foreign Office twenty years ago. Since 2009 and within the framework of the Diplomatenkolleg, annual meetings have been organised abroad, e. g. in Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Estonia, Georgia and Romania and Poland. The objective of these regional meetings is to strengthen the existing personal relationship networks as well as to open up the network to other interesting partners and guests. In 2013 the first regional alumni meeting gathering various programmes was held abroad. This type of alumni meeting has been continued to be organised at least annually:



  • New Delhi "Current status and prospects of German-Asia Relations"
  • Tarabya/Istanbul "Peace and Stability in the Region"



  • Rio de Janeiro "Mega-Events and Democracy, Media and Urban Planning"
  • Beijing "Joint Solutions to Global Challenges"



  • Adis Abeba "Regional Integration – The Future for African Foreign and Domestic Politics"
  • Amman "Common Security in the Mediterranean Region -  Challenges and Opportunities"



  • Jakarta "Multilateral Cooperation in Asia-Pacific"
  • Erbil "Federalism"
  • Kiev "Decentralization and Good Governance"



  • Rabat "Climate Governance and Sustainable Development"
  • Mexico City "Corruption and migration in Latin America: How global governance can help find solutions"
  • Kiev "Method, Multitrack and Mindsets: Multiple Perspectives on a Complex Transition"
  • Budva "Perspectives on reconciliation and societal transition: Dealing with the past and shaping a common future"



  • Tiblisi "Global Challenges - Local Answers?" Towards Modernisation and Sustainable Development
  • Nairobi "Questions on Migration and Education"

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