Egypt (EGY)

Egypt has been undergoing a period of upheaval since its revolution of January 2011. The programme is geared towards young Egyptian attachés and is intended to give them comprehensive insights into Germany’s political, economic, civil society and cultural structures while deepening their understanding of democracy and social pluralism.

Workshops on negotiating skills and intercultural communication, as well as mediation training, support their personal and professional development. The programme also includes visits to institutions engaged in Egypt as well as to the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, political foundations and Deutsche Welle.

Focuses include current foreign and European policy, the economy and federalism, as well as climate and energy policy. Alongside imparting professional knowledge and exchanging experiences, the programme seeks to build up a network to support the Egyptian transformation process in the long term.

Thanks to subsequent alumni activities, the participants are not only retained as valuable contacts, but also help to consolidate a network of friendly and trusting relations both with Germany and among themselves.

Our events

Dayview 02.02.2018

From: 10:00 To: 18:00 42nd Executive Seminar for International Diplomats

Location: Term: 17.01. - 27.02.2018
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From: 10:00 To: 19:00 9th International Diplomats Programme

Location: Term: 30.01. - 07.06.2018
Teaser: Programme for Diplomats on posting to Berlin mehr...

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