With support from the European Directorate-General at the Federal Foreign Office, which is responsible for the overall coordination of German policy on Europe, Training for International Diplomats has been organising the EU-Kolleg regularly since June 2010. This programme, which focuses on European policy, is targeted at the European correspondents at the embassies of our EU partners in Berlin.

The European Union’s scope and reach are having an increasingly direct impact on domestic policy in the member states. The interplay among national political forces is thus of growing significance for their ability to act in the sphere of European policy. European decision-making processes are also becoming ever more interlinked.

With a view to facilitating their reporting, we therefore want to offer European correspondents working at the embassies of our EU partner countries an opportunity to hear more opinions and assessments on the framework and background to German policy on Europe. This is done by bringing them together with German decision-makers from the world of politics and society as well as by organising high-level background briefings both at the Federal Foreign Office and at other Ministries dealing with EU-related matters.

The aim is to become familiar with the other side’s perspective and to take this into account even in advance of national decision-making. The talks are generally held in German.