Near and Middle East and North Africa | NMO

Through its programme for diplomats from the Near and Middle East and North Africa, Training for International Diplomats contributes to the dialogue with the countries of this region, which is of great importance for Germany and the EU.

The aim of the course is to convey to participants a deeper understanding of political life in Germany and the EU. In a frank and open dialogue, differences are discussed, positions explained, and shared standpoints developed. In this way, Germany is actively supporting democratisation processes in the region.

In addition to interactive seminars, the programme includes study tours to European institutions, international organisations and the governments of the German Federal Länder. The course is held in English.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya

Training for International Diplomats also reacted with its programmes to the upheavels in the Arab world and invited young diplomats from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The stabilisation of the democratic process, strengthening of the civil society, promotion of human rights and rule of law, the support of good government as well as the economic and social stabilisation were central. The courses were orientated towards the needs and priorities of the partner countries.