China | CHN

China is an important partner, also for Training for International Diplomats. As part of the German Chinese Strategic Dialogue, the two countries agreed in 2008 at ministerial level to conduct one-week exchanges for young Chinese and German diplomats, respectively, during which Chinese participants visit Berlin and German participants visit Beijing. 2019 will mark the seventh trip by a Chinese delegation to Berlin as part of this exchange programme.

Our young guests will visit and participate in discussions at the Federal Foreign Office and other political institutions, such as the German Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the Federal Chancellery. They will also meet with members of political foundations, think tanks and the media. The aim of these meetings is to give them an overview of the most important German and European foreign policy issues, as well as of the Federal Foreign Office’s organisational structure and how the German foreign service works. Furthermore, they will conduct study trips in Germany, through which they can establish contacts with important German export companies, research institutions and cultural institutes and learn about significant economic and cultural developments in Germany.

The programme complements the Strategic Dialogue by highlighting the importance and value of talks at the political level. It is our contribution to the development and strengthening of good and friendly relations between our countries.