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The countries of the Maghreb are only separated from Europe by the Mediterranean, and in the case of Morocco, Europe is only a few kilometres away. This creates mutual regional dependencies and close neighbourly relations with the EU, as well as with Germany and other EU Member States. In view of this and with the aim of fostering future cooperation, Germany and the EU have a great interest in stability, lasting prosperity and further development of the rule of law in their neighbouring countries in the Maghreb.During a three week stay in Germany, diplomats from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia will learn about how the German Government functions and works and about the principles of Germany’s constitutional order. Trips to other parts of Germany, including to one of the new Länder, will give the participants a more profound insight into Germany’s federal system.Alongside German culture and history, the main topics of the course will be Germany’s policy on the Middle East and Africa, EU policies and the work of EU institutions. The participants will also learn about Germany’s role in the EU and plans for its forthcoming non permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council. Lectures and seminars will focus on Franco German relations and transnational cooperation in general, such as on economic affairs, energy and climate issues, migration and refugee matters and counter terrorism. The aim is to highlight new scope for action in the regional and multilateral context.




The programme will also include a series of practical job related courses, such as classes on international negotiating and mediation training.

The course will be held in French.


4th Executive Seminar for Diplomats from Maghreb in our Yearbook 2018 (pdf)