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With Bulgaria for Europe

Visiting Bulgaria for talks just a few days before the European elections, Heiko Maas is embarking on a special and very important week for Europe. In the next few days he will meet with several EU Foreign Ministers besides his Bulgarian counterpart.... 



“Russia belongs in the Council of Europe”: Maas looking for solutions

At the meeting of the Committee of Ministers today, Foreign Minister Maas is calling for Russia to stay in the Council of Europe.

Russia belongs in the Council of Europe – with all the rights and responsibilities that implies,

Maas said at the... 



What you need to know about the Council of Europe

One of the most important human rights organisations is turning 70: Foreign Minister Maas and his counterparts from the 47 member states of the Council of Europe will meet tomorrow in Helsinki to discuss the main challenges facing the organisation as... 



German Football Ambassador 2019 – Minister of State Müntefering opens the award ceremony

“Football forges bonds in the Ruhr area (...) just as it does in the suburbs of Johannesburg or the streets of Rio de Janeiro. We want to harness these bonds here in the Federal Foreign Office,” as Minister of State Müntefering underscored as she... 



#EuropeUnited against anti-Semitism

At the first event held on 14 May, Foreign Minister Maas stressed that education was the best way to counter growing anti-Semitism:

An understanding of our own history is more than just knowledge about the past. It’s the best immunisation against... 



How the EU is promoting democracy among its eastern neighbours

The Minister has called for more European engagement for the EU’s eastern neighbours. Speaking today in Brussels, Maas said: “The aim must be to make clear to the local people that the close partnership with the EU is bearing fruit.” The EU Foreign... 



Biennale Arte in Venice – Foreign Minister Maas opens German exhibition

With the slogan “May You Live in Interesting Times”, the Biennale Arte in Venice is seeking to contribute to debates on art and its role in society until November.

The German Pavilion has had an eventful history ever since the 1930s. Today, Germany... 



International rules in the digital space?

In the age of disinformation, bots and virtual hate speech, has the internet lost its potential to foster emancipation and democratisation? Or do we need binding rules for the digital space to preserve this very potential?

The question of the need... 



Europe means friendship in action

Europe needs to be a project for all its residents – this is particularly important to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in his dialogue with citizens in Sicily on Europe Day. In Ravanusa and Sutera, two communities twinned with German towns, the Foreign... 



Diplomacy and digital society – Federal Foreign Office at re:publica19

Under the motto “tl;dr” (“too long; didn’t read”), this year’s event is addressing the complex changes that interconnectedness, digital transformation and artificial intelligence have brought about in our societies. The Federal Foreign Office also... 



Foreign policy live – the Federal Foreign Office in social media

Whether we are talking about cohesion in Europe, policy on Eastern Europe, or humanitarian emergencies, foreign policy stirs up a lot of emotions. Thanks to social media, the Federal Foreign Office is now able to communicate directly with members of... 



Freedom of the press: a foundation of democracy

Around the world, journalists are being imprisoned, intimidated and defamed to an icreasing extent in order to prevent them from going about their work or to exert influence on them. Moreover, misinformation campaigns are shaking confidence in the... 


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