German as a Foreign Language

If you are considering learning German or are already doing so, below you will find information about German as a foreign language, institutions offering language courses, opportunities and requirements for academic exchange and other resources.

Goethe Institut: Learning and teaching German

This website offers a compilation of material (print, online, audio-visual) for the purpose of learning and teaching German. Training courses and institutions can be searched and a virtual tour of Germany is accessible. The Goethe Institut is dedicated to the promotion of German as a foreign language and maintains branches in many countries throughout the world.


The German Academic Exchange Service: Academic exchange and German language requirements

The German Academic Exchange Service offers international students information on how and why to learn German, German language tests and required German language proficiency for taking up a university course in Germany.


Alumniportal Germany

You don´t understand a thing? Would you like to improve your German vocabulary with short, simple texts? Here new articles on various subjects are provided on a regular basis. Or you can choose the course suited to your requirements from a variety of options and improve your German language skills online.How good is your German? A placement test will help you to assess your knowledge of German and tell you at which level your language skills currently are.


Deutsche Welle: German courses online

The Deutsche Welle broadcasting service maintains this website for teachers and students of the German language. It offers a newsletter for teachers, and enables the selection of different levels of proficiency (as well as the choice of the learner`s first language). All online courses are free of charge. Furthermore, German language audio and video news can be accessed.


Deutsche Welle: Ticket to Berlin

Six young people learning German and going on a whirlwind trip through Germany: Many challenges await them! For each of the 19 episodes there are printable interactive exercises on grammar and vocabulary as well as information about Germany.



Other resources to learn German:


Offers by Training for International Diplomats for participants and alumni

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