Afghanistan | AFG

Stabilising Afghanistan is a priority of German foreign policy. Germany and Afghanistan are united by a long-standing friendship, security-policy interests and reconstruction support.

The programme is open to young diplomats from Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries of China, Iran and Pakistan. The course programme has thus shifted away from exploring bilateral relations to a regional focus that includes the most important countries in the region.

Furthermore, the opportunities for young people from the region to meet, communicate and make contacts enhance understanding for the idea that dialogue and regional cooperation are essential for resolving problems peacefully.

A further aim of the course is to convey a wide-ranging image of Germany to tomorrow’s leaders and to familiarise them with the European and Euro-Atlantic coordinates of our foreign policy. This is achieved through meetings and discussion sessions with various representatives of political and civil-society institutions in Berlin. These insights are supplemented by visits to one of the German Länder and to Brussels.