Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries | AFG 17

Farewell Dinner
German Corporation for International Cooperation
Speicherstadt Hamburg (City of Warehouses)
City Tour in Berlin
UN Campus Bonn
Intercultural Training

Africa | AFR 12

In the Plenary Session Hall of the Bundesrat (Federal Council)
On tour in Hamburg
Harbour Cruise, Hamburg
Visiting Hamburg's famous City Hall
Visiting the Bundesrat (Federal Council)
Enjoying the Reichstag Dome

Asia and Pacific | ASP 11

Selfie at the FFO
In front of the Reichstag
On tour in Berlin
Guided tour at the FFO
Visiting Feldheim, an energy self-sufficient village
Group picture at FFO

China | CHN 6

In front of Bellevue Palace
Meeting with Ambassador Walter Lindner, State Secretary of the FFO
Visiting the FFO's Political Archive
Study trip to Munich
At the Brandenburg Gate
Official group photo

Egypt | EGY 5

Visiting the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
At the Federal Foreign Office
Visiting Bavarian Broadcasting
Reception at the Egyptian Embassy
Welcome Lunch at the FFO's International Club
Visiting Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Diplomatenkolleg | DK 13

In front of the Federal Chancellery
Expedition to Freiburg
At the daily new magazine DIE WELT
Boat trip around the Port of Hamburg
UN Campus in Bonn
Boat trip around the Port of Hamburg

Helmut Schmidt Programme on Global Issues | HSP 2

Guided tour of the FFO
Official Group Picture
Expedition to Paris
In front of the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre
Training at the Training Centre
Courtyard of the FFO

Internationaler Diplomatenlehrgang | IDL 42

Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe
Discussion with State Minister Roth in the FFO
Wine Tasting
Official Group Picture
At the Bundesrat (Federal Council)
Discussion with State Minister Roth at the FFO

International Diplomats Programme | IDP 9

Official Group Picture
At the Town Hall of Hamburg
Port of Hamburg
State Chancellery of Munich
Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig
Discussion with State Secretary Lindner

International Futures | IF 15

At the DGAP
Roof Terrace of the FFO
Visit to the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament)
Official Group Picture
Open Situation Room
Boat Trip around the Port of Hamburg

Iraq | IRQ 7

Official Group Picture
Exhibition to Topography of Terror
At ZDF in Mainz
Expedition to Frankfurt
Official Graduation Party
Handover of the Certificate

Cambodia and Laos | KHM LAO 1

Official Graduation Party
Official Group Picture
Kayaking in Potsdam
Introduction to the Kayaking
At the Reichstags Dome
State Chancellery of Hesse

Latin America and Carribean | LAK 13

Official Group Picture
East Side Gallery
At the Castle Bellevue
Expedition to Brussels
At the European Parliament
Visit to a Synagogue

Maghreb | MAG 4

At the Bundestag (Lower House)
Soccer Game at the Olympic Stadium
Military Academy of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg
Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig
Welcome Lunch at the ICAA

Sri Lanka | LKA 1

At the Gendarmenmarkt
Official Farewell Party
In the Seminar
First Use if the Paternoster
Visit to the House of Commons
Public Speaking Training

Ukraine | UKR 8

East Side Gallery
Expedition to Brussels
Expedition to Brussels
At the Federal Chancellery
In front of the Reichstagsgebäude
Official Group Picture

Western Balkans | WB 8

Official Group Picture
Speicherstadt (Warehouse District) in Hamburg
At the Federal Chancellery
Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig
Welcome Lunch in the Rotisserie Weingrün
Farewell Event