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Peace mediation: Working for peace

Whether in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq or Nicaragua, Germany is actively involved in peace mediation in many different contexts.

What does mediation mean?

Peace mediation means efforts by a third party accepted by all sides to facilitate on a voluntary... 



Working together to prevent escalation

Although the tense situation in the Gulf region was not the only issue discussed at today’s Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg, it was the dominant topic. On the fringes of the meeting, Heiko Maas called for greater diplomatic efforts in the... 



Education for the future and integration

Around the world, more than 25 million people are living as refugees or in a refugee-like situation. Just one percent of them have access to higher education, while 36 percent of all young people worldwide go on to study.

The Albert Einstein German... 



Foreign Minister Maas in Norway

Foreign Minister Maas travelled to Norway for a working visit on Friday. The aim of the talks: Germany and Norway want to do more together to promote values such as international cooperation, fair rules and human rights. To this end, Norway’s Foreign... 



Alliance of multilateralists: Fostering a network of international team players

In an age of “America First”, values such as cooperation, respect for international law and free trade are under pressure worldwide. That is why Foreign Minister Maas wants to build up a new network of countries committed to fair cooperation.

...  >>


What is multilateralism?

We talk of multilateralism when states coordinate their policies and act together as equals. Multilateral literally means “many-sided” (from the Latin “multus” many, “latus” side).

Shared rules are to everyone’s advantage

In the field of foreign... 



Stopping the negative trend in disarmament

Foreign Minister Maas said that the crisis in nuclear non proliferation “poses a threat to world peace”. This is not only demonstrated by the conflict surrounding the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was therefore the... 



Upholding the nuclear agreement with Iran: Foreign Minister Maas in Tehran

A guarantee for peace and security

In 2015, China, Germany, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Iran signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), a guarantee for peace and security in the Middle East. After years of... 



Focus on balancing interests in the region – Foreign Minister Maas visits Baghdad

Internal challenges facing Iraq

Iraq faces many challenges. Even after the liberation from IS, the security situation remains unstable in large parts of the country and the situation facing refugees and displaced persons is fraught with problems.... 



Journey to a crisis: Foreign Minister Maas in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Iran

At the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Foreign Minister Maas is setting off today on a trip to the Middle East: the journey will begin in Jordan, from where he will continue to the United Arab Emirates and Iran.  

It is a journey to an... 



Peacebuilders and role models – Maas honours peacekeepers

They train security forces in Afghanistan, protect the civilian population in Mali and serve as soldiers in UN, EU, OSCE and NATO peace missions. Peacekeepers are working around the world in fragile states and crisis regions to promote peace.




The 2019 edition of the Long Night of Ideas: Idea and Ideal – Europe

The social power of culture and education

On Thursday, 6 June 2019, the Federal Foreign Office will use the platform of the Long Night of Ideas to highlight the importance of the social power of culture and education in view of the social and... 


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