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76th General Assembly of the United Nations: The focus in New York

The Foreign Minister’s talks will focus mainly on assistance for the people in Afghanistan, progress in Libya and strengthening the multilateral system. Central issues will include climate change mitigation, disarmament and health. Improving global... 



Concept for a forum for remembrance and exchange with Poland: Presentation by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Berlin on 15 September

The destruction of entire cities, relocation and mass executions were intended to permanently wipe Poland off the map. Germany bears full responsibility for the crimes committed in Germany’s name and at the hands of Germans, and will continue to... 



Fighting COVID‑19 together in a spirit of solidarity: Germany donates vaccines

2.2 billion euro for vaccines, diagnostic tools and medicines

The pandemic can only be overcome if it is brought under control all over the world. Germany thus opted early on to focus on finding joint responses to the pandemic in a spirit of... 



The Weimar Triangle: 30 years of cross-border cooperation between Germany, France and Poland

Three decades after the founding of the Weimar Triangle, the three Foreign Ministers are meeting in Weimar for the day. The trilateral, cross-border format of the Weimar Triangle not only symbolises how the future of Europe can be shaped together and... 



Foreign Minister Maas in Tripoli: Germany is and remains a committed partner at Libya’s side

What role is Germany playing in the conflict in Libya?

With the Berlin Process, the Federal Government is supporting the UN’s mediation efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Libya. Since the first major Berlin Conference on... 



Foreign Minister Maas meets US Secretary of State Blinken in Ramstein

In a virtual meeting the two foreign ministers, together with representatives of another 22 states and international organisations, agreed on cooperation and coordination within the international community with the goal of resolving open questions as... 



Central America: 200 years of independence

On 15 September 1821, the five countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua broke away from Spain and declared their independence. Over the next two hundred years, each of these Central American countries would follow its own... 



A partner for sustainability: Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister visits Germany

Costa Rica is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its independence on 15 September. The country is an important anchor of stability in Central America. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is receiving his counterpart Rodolfo Solano in Berlin on 6 September.... 



Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Slovenia

The main focus of this informal Gymnich meeting on 2-3 September in Kranj, Slovenia – an event traditionally hosted by the country holding the Presidency of the EU Council – is on Afghanistan. Foreign Minister Maas is to brief his EU colleagues on... 



Ways out of the Afghanistan crisis: Foreign Minister Heiko Maas travels to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Qatar and Turkey

In the last few weeks, the political situation in Afghanistan has been changing very rapidly. This is posing major challenges for the international community and the neighbouring countries in particular. Therefore, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is... 



Progress on implementation of the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights

On 21 December 2016, the Federal Cabinet adopted the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP), which is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles that were approved in 2011. For the first time, these laid down fundamental human... 



Germany and Bahrain: Exchange on regional developments in the Middle East

Focus on the Yemen conflict

The humanitarian situation in Yemen remains dramatic and the country has been hit by famine. According to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, more than 80% of the population, that is more than 20 million Yemenites,...