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Start of German participation in EUFOR-ALTHEA, the EU stabilisation force in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Expansion of German engagement in the Western Balkans

The first German Bundeswehr soldiers in EUFOR Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina began work yesterday. The occasion was marked by a flag raising ceremony. Germany is deploying staff officers to the... 



Second anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections in Belarus on 9 August 2020

Deterioration in human rights situation since 2020

Today is the second anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections in Belarus on 9 August 2020.

I remember those images; I think all of us here do: how in the days and weeks that followed,... 



Foreign Minister Baerbock to travel to New York for the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and to pay her first official visit to Canada

Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference

Germany regards the Non-Proliferation Treaty as the key framework for action in the field of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. Almost all countries in the world have joined it. It obliges the... 



Foreign Minister Baerbock visits Greece and Turkey

One of Germany’s closest partners in Europe: Greece

Whether in supporting Ukraine, the joint European response to Russia’s war of aggression or in the fight against the climate crisis and the acceleration of the energy transition, the German... 



Foreign Minister Baerbock’s #SicherLeben (#LivingInSecurity) tour through Germany

The Minister’s tour is part of the inclusive dialogue process

The German Government has decided to develop the first National Security Strategy in our country’s history. Work began in March and is being led by the Federal Foreign Office. For Foreign... 



Together in Europe – Foreign Minister Baerbock travels to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will meet her Czech counterpart Jan Lipavský in Prague. After their meeting, they will visit the Lidice memorial together for the first time as a symbol of German-Czech reconciliation. On 10 June 1942, German troops... 



Official launch of the Consular Services Portal – pilot phase for online visa applications

The Federal Foreign Office is making every effort to ensure that the new Consular Services Portal will become a one-stop shop for requesting services online from Germany’s missions abroad. In a first step, skilled workers in the districts of... 



Foreign Minister Baerbock travels to Romania: support for Moldova

Moldova Support Conference in Bucharest

​​​​​​​During the first Moldova Support Conference in Berlin in March, the Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova was launched at the initiative of Foreign Minister Baerbock. It serves as a framework... 



Foreign Minister Baerbock’s first trip to Asia: Focus on the climate crisis and security policy

Indonesia is holding the Presidency of the G20 this year and the G20 Foreign Ministers are meeting in Bali on 7 and 8 July. The meeting will mark the start of Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s first trip to Asia, taking her to Indonesia, Palau and... 



Ceasefire in Yemen: Germany is supporting the UN’s efforts to bring about peace

Fragile ceasefire a first success

A ceasefire between the government and the Houthi rebels reached in April 2022 was extended in June and is now in place until the beginning of August. This window of opportunity is now set to be used to provide... 



Historic return of bronzes to Nigeria

Together with their counterparts from Nigeria, Foreign Minister Baerbock and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Roth are today signing a declaration of intent in the Weltsaal of the Federal Foreign Office. Nigeria’s Minister of... 


Germany at the head of the Council of the Baltic Sea States for one year