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Humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan: How is the funding used?

More than half of the Afghan population, 22.8 million people, are at risk of starvation. Some 5.5 million Afghans are internally displaced, while almost as many have fled to neighbouring countries or the region at large. The already weak economy has... 



A generous donor

Each December, with the Global Humanitarian Overview, an international work of reference, the United Nations provides NGOs and donors, including Germany, with an overview of what will be required in the coming year. This year is no exception. For... 



Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Riga: en route to the NATO Summit in Madrid

Latvia has been a member of NATO since 2004, and it is one of the three Baltic allies in the Alliance. This is, however, the first time that NATO Foreign Ministers are holding a meeting in Latvia. Our Baltic Allies have common borders with Russia and... 



Implementing the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

What is the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration?

In adopting the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in December 2018, the international community reached agreement for the first time on a comprehensive... 



Five years of the peace agreement in Colombia

The armed internal conflict in Colombia brought more than 50 years of brutal strife in which at least 260,000 people died, more than 80,000 went missing and seven million were internally displaced. It has left deep scars. The implementation of the... 



Germany donates over 100 million vaccine doses in 2021

2.2 billion euro for vaccines, diagnostic tools and medicines

The pandemic can only be overcome if it is brought under control all over the world. Germany thus opted early on to focus on finding joint responses in a spirit of solidarity to the... 



National Citizens’ Panel on the future of Europe in January 2022 in Berlin

The Federal Foreign Office is organising a National Citizens’ Panel in January 2022. The Panel will be an opportunity for citizens to actively contribute their own ideas on the future of Europe. How can the EU safeguard its common democratic values... 



Yemen: mobile clinics make medical care possible amid the crisis

Two-thirds of the population require humanitarian assistance

Of Yemen’s 30 million inhabitants, 21 million require humanitarian assistance. Half of the people of Yemen are affected by an acute hunger crisis according to United Nations figures from... 



UNRWA Conference 2021: Germany again pledges substantial funds for Palestine refugees

What is UNRWA?

UNRWA – the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East – was established in 1949 with the mandate to protect and care for hundreds of thousands of people who had lost their homes after the 1948... 



Foreign Minister Maas at the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers: Talks focusing on the situation at the border with Belarus

Current issues: Situation on the border with Belarus

The EU Foreign Ministers aim to establish concrete measures in response to the latest provocations by the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko, who is luring thousands of migrants to the area along... 



Franco-German cooperation in the Alliance for Multilateralism – and far beyond that

More than two years ago, in April 2019, Germany and France launched the Alliance for Multilateralism together. Today, more than 70 states are engaged in this Alliance and are working together for even closer international cooperation within a... 



A voice for Afghanistan: The Federal Foreign Office is supporting the Aashti media project

Since September 2020, Deutsche Welle has been enabling representatives of different societal groups to share their view of developments in Afghanistan through the "Aashti" media project. The live shows are broadcast on online TV in the national...