Diplomacy by Networking

Network-oriented foreign policy: contacts are future capital

Colleagues assigned to our offices abroad are likely to meet alumni from one of our courses who are working in local foreign ministries and embassies and have a special relationship with Germany and Berlin. In the same way, alumni from our early programmes have returned to Germany as consuls-general and ambassadors. This creates a new network of partners who share experiences and perspectives, a network that is based on personal relationships and that generates trust and cooperation. Maintaining this network long after the courses are over is an issue which remains close to our hearts.


Further training for sustainability: more than 15 courses a year

The programme content is determined by German and European foreign policy goals and includes maintaining peace, protecting human rights, strengthening democracy and good governance, conserving natural resources, promoting fair global trade and reducing poverty. During the 15 or more annual courses we explain our foreign policy positions and simultaneously teach the skills required for global cooperation. The methods used range from traditional lectures, simulations and training to cross-Germany quizzes. The courses last between two and eight weeks and are held in German, English or French. Each year over 300 participants from approximately 180 countries are invited.



As the fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in a radical political change towards freedom, a new consciousness arose that the long desired and recently won liberty would not take root without collective responsibility for a peaceful world order. This common political endeavour towards peace formed the basis for former Foreign Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher's 1992 initiative to establish the International Diplomats Course. First conceived to provide initial support for the rebuilding of young democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, the international training programmes of the Federal Foreign Office have since continued to expand. At no other point was comprehensive international cooperation as important as in these times of climate change and economic globalisation. This makes the constant adaptation and extension of the programmes offered by Diplomacy by Networking necessary.


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