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Algeria: charting its own course

Algeria is a neighbour of, and an important partner for, Europe. The political and economic stability of Algeria is very important to the European Union and its member states. Consequently, Germany is closely following developments in Algeria. The... 



From Weimar to the world: The Bauhaus as a cultural ambassador for Germany

The Bauhaus: A symbol of global Modernism

Walter Gropius founded the “Staatliches Bauhaus” in Weimar in 1919: in the wake of the experience of the First World War, the school of art and architecture was to create new links between art, crafts,... 



#EuropeUnited: Taking a united international approach

An atmosphere of trust and plain speaking characterised today’s N3+1 meeting in Helsinki, at which Foreign Minister Maas met Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, host Foreign Minister Timo Soini of Finland, and State Secretary Jonas Bering... 



Maas in Brussels: promoting the rule of law

During his trip to Brussels, the German Foreign Minister not only focused on European issues at the Foreign Affairs Council, as is usually the case, but also attended the fifth German-Belgian Conference at which energy, mobility and the digital... 



“Doing nothing isn’t an option.” Rethinking arms control

Foreign Minister Maas seeks to inject fresh impetus into the international debate on arms control and disarmament. “We won’t get anywhere in a multipolar world with the logic of the Cold War,” Maas stated on Friday (15 March). “We must adjust the... 



Joint commitment to humanitarian assistance: Brussels III Conference in support of Syria and its neighbours

The third conference on “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” (Brussels III Conference) is taking place in Brussels from 12 to 14 March, with the EU and the United Nations as co‑chairs. In 2017 and 2018, the international community came... 



Wunderbar in Texas

Once a year, some of the most creative and innovative people in the world gather in Austin, Texas. By day, they put their heads together; by night, they enjoy some fantastic parties. The digital, music and creative industries trade fair SXSW (South... 



Foreign Minister Maas calls for de-escalation in Pakistan

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas travelled to Pakistan on Tuesday (12 March). The country plays a decisive role when it comes to reducing tension in Afghanistan and the entire region. Upon taking up office last year, the Government in Islamabad... 



Foreign Minister Maas in Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas travelled to Afghanistan on Sunday (10 March). Germany is one of the country’s most important supporters. Virtually no other country makes as much funding available for civilian reconstruction and stabilisation in... 



Germany and Denmark: Strong partners for a Europe United

Reacting to the ideas put forward by France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stepped into the debate on Europe’s future during his meeting with Anders Samuelsen:

Despite all the progress that has been made, we still see need... 



Germany’s and France’s five most important projects in the Security Council

On 1 March, Germany and France launched a historic project in the UN Security Council. For the next two months, the two countries will dovetail their respective presidencies – France in March and Germany in April – in a twinning arrangement with an... 



Two continents, one objective

Europe is the most important player on the African continent in terms of foreign policy. The EU is Africa’s biggest regional trading partner, and the EU with its member states is also the largest foreign investor in the region. With the world’s... 


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