Partners & Cooperations

One of the main objectives of our work with alumni is to exchange ideas and perspectives on issues related to foreign policy. Therefore, we organise regional network meetings and network consolidation programmes focusing on such topics. In order to expand the discourse, we cooperate with partners and connect their networks with ours.



Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) is a close partner for cooperation on planning and implementing our networking projects, for example the joint study trips on crossborder cooperation.

The "Journal for International Perspectives" Kulturaustausch, a German-language quarterly magazine,  published by ifa, is available to our alumni free of charge. The web edition is also available in English.


International Parliamentary Scholarships  |  IPS

Former scholarship holders of the International Parliamentary Scholarships at the Bundestag have spent a few months in Germany and received many insights into the German political system. In their home countries, they work in politics and administration, for NGOs and in academia, for political parties and associations. Their experiences perfectly complement those of the diplomats who attended our courses. Therefore, we are happy to invite them to our events on a regular basis.


German Council on Foreign Relations  |  DGAP

Whenever we are working on a topic that allows us to invite external alumni, we also include alumni of the DGAP's leadership programmes, in particular the Goerdeler-Kolleg for Good Governance offered until 2020, in our activities.

The INTERNATIONAL FUTURES programme (IF) is carried out by Training for International Diplomats in cooperation with the DGAP and thus the IF alumni are a consistent – and highly valued – part of our network.

Additionally, we are very pleased that the Young DGAP opens its both high-ranking as well as interesting events on a regular basis to our alumni in Berlin.


BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

As part of the Federal Foreign Office's Strategic Dialogue with Private Foundations launched in 2015, we organise a joint working group with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt called International Alumni Networks, in which more than 50 members of various ministries, foundations and mediator organisations participate. The group meets at least once a year for a day to exchange experiences, as well as to engage in training and plan joint activities.


International Alumni Center of the Robert Bosch Stiftung  |  iac

The International Alumni Center is committed to impact-oriented alumni work. We participate in the Connecting Networks project, invite alumni of the iac network to our events and programmes, and organise individual events together now and then.



kulturweit is the International Voluntary Service in the field of cultural relations and education policy, funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

When participating in its programmes, young Germans receive the opportunity to go abroad for six or twelve months and work there with one of the partner institutions, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Goethe-Institut, the German Archaeological Institute, German schools abroad or the UNESCO Commission.

When we organise regional network meetings, kulturweit volunteers are invited to attend and participate. kulturweit alumni who return abroad can remain part of our network. In Berlin, we occasionally host joint events.

In the context of the programme gemeinsam freiwillig engagiert (Volunteer Together), young women from Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon come to Germany for three months. We also invite these guests to participate in our events and programmes.


Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development of the United Nations System Staff College   |   UNSSC

Thanks to a cooperation with the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development, we can offer selected alumni scholarships for the UN Summer Academy in Bonn every year.


Global Diplomacy Lab   |  GDL

As one of the GDL's five partners, we can invite alumni every year to apply for membership of the GDL and propose future members.


Other partners

Moreover, we cooperate occasionally with the Goethe-Institut’s European Network Deutsch, the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD , the United Nations Insitute for Social Research, the European Academy Berlin EAB and the Netzwerk für Internationale Aufgaben nefia (Network for International Tasks).