22nd Network Consolidation Programme on How Female is Diplomacy? (March 15 – April 26)

This series is intended to serve as an exchange platform for our participants with women from diverse backgrounds and diplomatic and foreign policy positions to discuss their careers, their experiences, any encounters with gender stereotypes in their day-to-day work, and their ideas and visions of female diplomacy.
This series will, on the one hand, address the representation of women in political leadership and diplomatic positions and, on the other, discuss what foreign policy might stand to gain by introducing a concept of a feminist foreign policy and discussing the role of women in diplomacy and international affairs.

More information to this topic can be found here: https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/service/publikationen/gender-equality-in-german-foreign-policy-and-in-the-federal-foreign-office-1728030


This event will take place digitally. Applications are welcome until February 20th.

Alumni 4 Alumni (March - October)

The alumni programmes of Training for International Diplomates are not only made for our alumni, they are also fueled and inspired by them. In March 2022, we kick-start the second edition of alumni4alumni, our alumni-centred programme composed of three inspiring formats. Mentoring relationships, language tandems, and thematic interest groups offer room for exchange, networking, and mutual learning between the alumni and selected partners. Through these formats, alumni can stay connected, nourish our network, and develop themselves.


This event takes place digitally.