Central Asia | ZAS

Since 2017, the Federal Foreign Office has organized Executive Seminars for young diplomats from the countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Germany and Europe have a particular interest in ensuring that Central Asia is a stable region and makes strides towards democratisation. In the context of the EU Strategy for Central Asia, we are pursuing constructive cooperation with the countries of the region, which, as neighbours of Afghanistan, play a role in its peace and stabilisation process. The countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan are also important for Germany and the EU’s raw material and energy security.

The seminar aims to give participants an introduction to Germany – i.e. its political system, economy and culture – as well as to familiarise them with Germany’s fundamental foreign policy lines and help them improve skills that are important for their diplomatic careers. The seminar includes talks and discussions at political institutions in Berlin, as well as various political foundations, trade associations and scientific institutes. Participants will also attend lectures on German and European contemporary history, the German federal political system and international law, and will receive media and negotiation training. Furthermore, there will be a focus on theoretical approaches and practical experience regarding prevention and deradicalisation.

The English-language seminar purposefully takes a regional approach and caters to all of the countries that are represented – based on the principle that the region’s challenges, which include water distribution, environmental protection and infrastructure, can only be met through cross border cooperation.