Ukraine | UKR

Since gaining its independence, Ukraine has been undergoing a transition from a Soviet administrative structure to a modern, European democracy. The transition process is not yet fully complete. So the hopes for further positive developments in the future are greatly dependent upon young, modern Europe-minded decision-makers. The High Level Experts Programme Ukraine (HLEP) is intended to promote this development.

The programme is designed to offer young executives from various ministries, regional and local administrations as well as judicial authorities an opportunity to advance their knowledge within the context of a course over several weeks at the Federal Foreign Office, where they can gain valuable experience which they can apply in their work in the public administrations of Ukraine.

The programme, which is held in English, is tailored to the needs and priorities of our Ukrainian partners. The programme is as diverse as its participants and covers topics such as German-Ukrainian relations, relations between the European Union and Ukraine, European integration, European security, financial and integration policy, democracy, the rule of law, the media, human rights, international climate and energy policy, as well as regional and international cooperation.

As a further goal and as a result of our experience with HLEP over the years, an extensive network of contacts has been built up. This ever-growing network strengthens and promotes participants’ good and friendly relations both within the group and with Germany.