A report on the 20th Executive Seminar for Diplomats and Experts from the Middle East and North Africa on Water Diplomacy by Safaa Bounaga (Morocco)

As someone who is not from a water background, I dived into the fascinating world of water diplomacy during a two-week seminar in Berlin. Having studied in Germany a few years ago, though not in Berlin, I was excited to have the chance to explore this vibrant city from a different perspective.


The seminar brought together participants from diverse backgrounds. We formed a dynamic group. All participants contributed their different perspectives, creating an environment where we could learn from one another and broaden our horizons.

Our seminar covered a wide range of important topics, including the impact of climate change and the increasing scarcity of water resources, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions. The lecture on international water law presented the complex legal frameworks that govern water management between countries.


We also discussed the risks associated with water, including natural hazards and potential conflicts. Additionally, we gained insights into Germany’s activities in the field of water diplomacy.


A highlight of the seminar for me was our interaction with the environmental committee of the German Bundestag. We engaged in a lively discussion with policymakers and gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding water.

A workshop and interactive simulation was incredibly well designed. It took my group (with special reference to my colleague’s remarkable drawing talents) a moment to step back and remind ourselves that we were only participating in a practical exercise. However, little did we know that our biggest adventure was yet to come!


On our final day, the real-life application of our newly acquired knowledge came in the form of an unforgettable, unintentional water adventure. The programme organisers arranged a boat trip to celebrate our successful seminar. However, the boat seemed determined to create a water diplomacy case study of its own. As if taking inspiration from the movie Titanic, our boat decided to test our water diplomacy skills by starting to tilt! Fortunately, everyone emerged from this little incident completely unharmed and safe.


It became a memorable bonding experience, showing our ability to navigate unexpected challenges together. Who knew our seminar would include a practical lesson in water diplomacy rescue operations?

No report about this seminar would be complete without a special mention of our friendly and supportive seminar organisers, who created a welcoming atmosphere that made the seminar even more enjoyable. They meticulously planned every detail and ensured our needs were met!


Vielen Dank und ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald wieder.


Back in Morocco now, I not only carry with me a newfound appreciation for water diplomacy but also cherish memories of camaraderie, laughter, and a boat that decided to test our resilience. Sometimes, the unexpected twists make the journey more enjoyable und unforgettable.