Climate & Security | CS

The catastrophic impacts of climate change are being felt on an

increasing scale around the world and will be among the 21st century’s major security challenges. Extreme weather events, floods and droughts are drivers of food and water insecurity, land degradation and large-scale displacements of people specifically in fragile contexts. In other words, climate change serves as a threat multiplier and implies unconscionable risks for international peace and security. At the same time, it also offers ample opportunity for increased cooperation at bilateral, regional and global (UN) level; climate diplomacy can be a forceful tool in international relations.


The seminar offers insights into foreign policy approaches to help

prevent and mitigate the security impacts of climate change as well as

enhance the capacity for action, notably through climate security

risk assessments and effective operational responses, not least with

regard to peacebuilding. The course will offer presentations by

and visits to a number of German, EU and UN key players in Berlin,

Frankfurt, Brussels and Bonn.