Latin America and the Caribbean | LAK

The EU and Latin American states are connected by a shared history and shared cultural roots. They share democratic values and universal human rights. Since 1999 Training for International Diplomats (1-DA) has been supporting the Strategic Partnership for Global Responsibility through its dedicated programme.

This programme is oriented to our joint responsibility to solve global issues, especially in a multilateral context. It reflects the processes of integration in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as relations between these two regions and their potential as global actors.

During the course, the young diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean gain the chance to tackle all current foreign policy issues and to discuss these with each other and with decision-makers in an intercultural context so that they can identify shared interests. Seminars and excursions to European institutions and international organisations allow them to learn more about Europe and about Germany, its politics, economy and culture.

The participants establish important contacts, make friendships and create professional networks. Building upon common values and experiences, they form a community of responsibility for the benefit of both regions.