Cambodia and Laos | KHM LAO

Since 1992 the Federal Foreign Office’s Training for International Diplomats team has been offering executive seminars for diplomats from partner regions. 2018 will be the first year that young diplomats from Cambodia and Laos will take part in the 1st Executive Seminar for Diplomats from Cambodia and Laos. The program was created to impart all participants with a deeper understanding of the German and European political system. Furthermore providing them the opportunity to improve their practical skills through negotiation, rhetorical and intercultural training the seminar was not designed as a pure theoretical one. Study trips to various destinations will let the members of the seminar experience firsthand the inner workings of institutions like the Bundestag in Berlin, the BGH in Karlsruhe or the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In addition, the delegations from Cambodia and Laos will meet relevant actors in international relations, civil society and the private sector while getting a glimpse of German culture, history and language. The established contacts and friendships will form a professional network that is the foundation for an intensified cooperation between all participating countries.