Myanmar | MMR

Myanmar is a parliamentary republic and has been experiencing an ongoing process of transformation since the elections in 2015. Germany is supporting this development to help promote domestic and regional stability as well as the further democratisation of the country. Myanmar has a keen interest in expanding bilateral relations with Germany at all levels.

The course gives young diplomats from the foreign affairs, economic affairs and information ministries the opportunity to get to grips with issues such as German foreign and European policy, federalism and the rule of law, the role of the police and the Bundeswehr, political foundations abroad and business relations between our two countries.  Seminars and excursions to The Hague, with its international courts, and to Hamburg and Munich, round off the programme.

The media and its role in society will be a particularly prominent issue in view of the Bundestag elections taking place during the course period. Discussions at the Bundesrat and with members of the Bundestag will also be on the agenda.

Practical training focusing on public speaking, negotiation techniques, intercultural understanding, mediation and conflict management will familiarise our guests from Myanmar with diplomatic procedures and thereby strengthen their core professional skills.

The course is held in English.