Iraq | IRQ

Given Iraq’s specific political situation and its distinctly regional structure, the three-week programme for young Iraqi diplomats will focus on teaching participants about Germany’s federal system and the self-administration of its municipalities. Excursions to various Länder (e.g. Thuringia, Bremen) will underscore these aspects and allow delegates to gain a deeper insight into the economic structures and academic landscapes of these Länder. The diversity of Germany’s media landscape will be explained. Questions on integration of migrants will be examined, while discussions with pupils of migrant origin will place them in a practical context. Germany’s integration into the European Union and the EU’s mechanisms will be on the programme, as will the working methods of the German Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

Participants will engage in courses on conducting negotiations, public speaking and intercultural communication with the aim of building on their professional skills. A practical contingency plan role play will also be on the agenda. The programme’s object and purpose is networking.